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ASAP Services strives to serve the needs of our clients at the highest level possible with cleaning, disinfecting, staffing and property management.  Our focus is on quality, exceeding our customer’s expectations, and continuous improvement in the application and delivery of our services.  

Commercial Disinfecting
CDC Approved | EPA Registered

next generation cleaning with ASAP

Because you care as a leader of your business, the health of your employees and customers has never been so high on the priority list.
Now more than ever, they count on you and ASAP Services to keep them safe. 

These new Concerns require powerful, effective, and consistent solutions!

The Rapid-Response Solution: Create a rapid response plan – this allows you to have logistics in place in case of exposure before you ever need to use them.

The One-Time Solution – Testing your worksite, treating, and retesting your site.

The Daily Solution – Completing testing, treatment, and retesting of your site daily for a minimum of 90 days.

The Weekly Solution – Completing testing, treatment, and retesting of your site weekly for a minimum of 6 months.

The Monthly Solution – Completing testing, treatment, and retesting of your site monthly for a minimum of 12 months.


Commercial Janitorial

Taking the pressure off your team

For over 20 years ASAP Services has grown into a full-scale Janitorial service specializing in commercial environments.  Our focus is on making sure you feel confident and your environment welcoming when the doors open.

  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Retail

Construction Cleanup

Saving you time and money with ASAP

Because we are fast and efficient, we are able to help you move on to the next phase, or project quickly with out any worries.  

  • Rough Construction Clean

  • Pre-Construction Clean

  • Post-Construction Clean

  • Rehab-Construction Clean

  • Post Construction Windows


Connecting People through ASaP

 We also strive to find the best person to fit the needs of your business.  Temporary work can be difficult to find, and once you find a good fit, you want to be able to keep them.  We work locally to provide our clients with great assistance and give our employees great opportunities.  Let’s work together! 

  • We can find employees quickly
  • Our methods provide you with confidence
  • We provide local workers with opportunities with unique opportunities







Discover how ASAP Services can serve you!  


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